Treasures of tombs (freespin)


Treasures Of Tombs (freespin) is an online casino game that offers a fascinating alternative to the often tedious real life search for buried treasure. As you may know, there are many things that are buried under the ground, from cars and trucks to trees and rocks. The act of digging up these treasures usually involves hiring a team of professionals who are either excavating the site or bringing in heavy equipment and backhoes to break up the rock and dirt. If the job takes too long or is too much trouble, the owner may decide to just sell the artifacts as scrap metal. The concept of Treasure Of Tombs solves this problem by letting the players do all the digging while they earn virtual points that they can use to purchase upgraded equipment.

The actual gameplay of Treasure Of Tombs (freespin) is a bit different than your typical land-based treasure hunt. The action in Treasure Of Tombs (freespin) takes place almost entirely on a 5×5 grid against an almost background urn, typically depicting a tomb in some sort of ancient Roman ruins. The tomb is inscribed with Hieroglyphics, of course, so it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that it contains treasures worth tracking down. What makes Treasure Of Tombs (freespin) an exciting online game is that it gives players the opportunity to buy special units that help them dig up more treasures. These include both small units that are easily stored in your backpack and larger ones that require a bit more planning and effort on your part before you can use them to find the treasure you’re looking for.

In addition to the actual treasures located within the virtual world, Treasure Of Tombs (freespin) also offers what are known as multipliers. Just like in a conventional slots game, in Treasure Of Tombs (freespin) you must match a set of symbols in the correct position to trigger an icon which then opens up to reveal the next symbol. If any of the icons are blocked by walls or other obstacles in your way, the multiplier will be triggered and a higher number of symbols will be generated for the round. This means that not all rounds will result in the same number of symbols being displayed. As a result, Treasure Of Tombs (freespin) is quite often filled with multi Symbols that must be matched correctly in order to activate the next icon and earn you points.

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