In the classic casino game, the Sidewinder allows players to make use of both wild and free moves. At the beginning of the game, the Sidewinder can be freely used on any number of reels, though once the two initial reels are used – moving the Sidewinder to any other number of reels will have no affect on the outcome of the game. In the free spin mode, the Sidewinder can be used at any point. Moving the Sidewinder in this way will not affect the result of the game; however, it is important to note that a wild symbol on one of the three reels (most often the top or bottom) can trigger an additional wild symbol on that reel which will then trigger a free spin! This means that a player can move the Sidewinder in any direction, as long as that move does not involve crossing any other reels on the board.

Once the Sidewinder has crossed any other reels on the board, a wild land symbol will appear on that reel. If the Sidewinder lands on a wild land symbol, it will result in the death of the Sidewinder – and will cause all of the game’s wild lands to become unlocked! However, a player can only move their Sidewinder across one ‘land’ at a time – meaning that they will have to wait for exactly the right amount of time before using a wild land symbol again.

The ‘expanding wilds’ are like the ‘wild lands’ on the Sidewinder reels, except that they can be used twice before becoming useless. When a sidewinder reels across one of these expanding wilds, it will trigger off four random symbols on those four reels. These symbols rotate in a clockwise rotation, causing the four symbols on those reels to rotate in a counter-clockwise rotation. This means that each symbol will rotate one hundred and twenty degrees, for a total of four symbols per rotation. Using these expanding wilds is an excellent strategy, but it is often better to wait than to use them, because the more symbols a sidewinder reels over when crossing a wild land, the more powerful that symbol will be.

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