Dark king: forbidden riches


Dark King: Forbidden Riches is the newest video slot game to come from Video Slot Network and its one of my favorites on the site. It takes place in the same universe as its predecessors, in an alternate dimension where everything has changed. There are two worlds, two timelines, and four different levels in this game. Each world contains a number of rooms, but not all of them have free spins!

The storyline revolves around a greedy dark king who wishes to seize the mysterious and powerful “Riches”. A band of heroes travel through time and space in order to stop the evil dark king from taking control of the gems. The gameplay consists of you defending the castles you are defending from a determined group of enemies, each with a different set of weapons and special abilities that can damage your gold bars.

All of the enemies consist of regular reels that you would find in the slot machines found in most casinos. However, they are enhanced by the unique graphics, sound effects, and a user interface that only Video Slot Network has the capabilities to offer. Some of the bonuses that are offered include a spinning reel, which allows you to re-roll the reels in order to gain bonus points and earn coins for your bankroll. You also get to use a catapult that launches three objects at once, and the Dark King is always watching over the action. Other bonuses include the ability to see what symbols are on the slot machine’s screen, as well as the ability to view the values of all coins and the amount of gold contained within them. The graphics and sounds add a nice touch to this slot machine, as well as offering some nice options for customizing your play experience.

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